Thursday, January 30, 2014

Clearwater Pool and Spa in Bel Air, MD Launches v3.0 of Their Website

Clearwater Pool and Spa on Churchville Road in Bel Air, MD has been a THUD Client since 2002. Since they started installing and renovating above-ground and in-ground pools, they needed to showcase their craftsmanship, pool design options, and the overwhelming satisfaction from their customers.

Their 3rd website showcases all of this and more. Did you know Clearwater Pool and Spa sells and installs gas, pellet and wood stoves? Their prices are very competitive with the local stove selling shops and they can have them installed sooner than their competitors most of the time.

Friday, January 24, 2014

THUD Launches Executive Coffee Service's New Site

THUD and Executive Coffee Service have been working with each other since 2009. We built a nice website for them and updated it over the next 4 years to keep it current with their business. The Request A Free Trial was a success and helped them grow their business via the Internet.

Today we launched a brand new, state of the art website for Executive Coffee Service. The site was built using ASP, Javascript, JQuery, and CSS3. Not only is the site visually engaging, the back-end will have this site optimized in the search engines even better than it was previously.

THUD has already started, and is nearly complete with an online ordering system for their Clients. With the new site and the coming of the online ordering system, Executive Coffee Service will see an increase in their sales volume, as well as an increase in their operating efficiency.

You can see their new site at